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Drag image here. Visual Search. Sunny day, blue sky with white clouds and azure sea. These prey items are subdued not by constriction or by being restrained, but rather are overpowered by a virulent venom that is more than eight times more lethal than that of the feared diamond-backed rattlesnake.

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Once the prey item has been grabbed and held on to by the coral snake, it will be quickly overcome by the venom. Coral snakes employ an egg-laying method to reproduce. Animals that use this method of reproduction are referred to be oviparous.

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Regardless of when breeding occurs, the half-dozen eggs are laid in mid-summer, usually July. After a two-month incubation period, the extremely colorful and diminutive 7-inch young emerge from the egg fully prepared to fend for themselves. Where it lives, this snake is an extremely abundant species, particularly in garden areas where the combination of watered mulch and paving stones can be utilized for subterranean haunts. As mentioned before, the venom of the Texas coral snake is exceptionally powerful, but thankfully, it is an extraordinarily benign species that prefers to defend itself by retreating than by fighting.

In fact, the vast majority of envenomations occur when people either unknowingly step on the snake or knowingly handle the snake.