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This followed a series of incredible outfits worn by Dion while in Paris for Couture Week, with some of our favourites being a necklace very much resembling the Heart of the Ocean pendant worn by Rose in Titanic, a feathered Valentino mini dress and a Chanel bodysuit. Type keyword s to search.

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Samir Hussein Getty Images. Related Story. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Margot Robbie. The two inform Dipper of a party later that evening though Robbie doesn't seem very enthusiastic about telling him. Robbie seems extra moody in this episode; he spends most of his screen-time talking down to Dipper and is even punched in the arm by Wendy because of it.

At the end of the episode, Wendy mentions him again; Robbie had to leave the party early because he swallowed a lollipop stick-first and got sick. In " Boyz Crazy ," Robbie didn't show for a date he had planned with Wendy, then comes into the Shack the next day and asks if she'd like to go to Lookout Point with him, to which she reacts angrily. She begins talking about breaking up with him, and, panicked, he takes out a CD of a song he claims to have written just for her, and plays it for her.

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She is willing to go with him after this and is happy. Dipper, however, is suspicious and ends up finding a hidden message in the song and playing it for Wendy and Robbie on their date. Robbie immediately tells Wendy that he had no idea that message was there and tries to say he ripped the song off from the other band anyways, thinking that will fix the problem.

Instead, she becomes even more furious that Robbie gave her a song that was ripped off since he told her that he created the song for her, and she breaks up with him on the spot causing Robbie to become hurt. In " Gideon Rises ," he unsuccessfully tries to win Wendy's heart back again and still appears to love Wendy. Wendy doesn't return his feelings; she walks away, and Robbie chases after her. Wendy receives a text from him in " Into the Bunker ," and tells Dipper he is still not over their breakup, and that he is constantly sending her messages which she cannot understand, like a "winky frown" , much to her annoyance.

Throughout the episode, Dipper hesitates to reveal his crush on Wendy to her due to her dislike for him after their relationship's end. He briefly appears in " The Golf War ," vandalizing the Ye Royal Discount Putt Hutt by spray-painting the word "wieners" on the castle hole, before being chased away by an employee. When Dipper and Mabel travel ten years into the past, a young Robbie is seen firing at Thompson with a water pistol, as well as squirting Dipper and Mabel, calling them "dorks.

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In " The Love God ," Robbie is first seen obsessing over his past relationship with Wendy in an open grave. When Wendy tells Robbie to get over her and move on, he gets quite upset. Mabel proceeds to try and fix Robbie's broken heart, discovering that Tambry would be the best suitor for Robbie's personality.

Mabel then sets up a date between them by telling him and Tambry to meet their "secret admirer" at Greasy's Diner, but both of them become frustrated at each other, with Robbie claiming that if he liked her, he would have asked her out ages ago, and the date is a disaster. However, after Mabel uses the Love God's matchmaking potion on their food, Robbie becomes attracted to Tambry, and vice versa and they start a relationship.

Later on, he is seen walking through the Woodstick festival with her, and shortly afterwards is seen sitting on a blanket with Tambry watching the show.

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After an unsuccessful attempt by Mabel to break the two of them apart with another one of the Love God's spells, Robbie makes up with Wendy and stays in a relationship with Tambry after the episode. In " Northwest Mansion Mystery ," Robbie is seen at Northwest Fest texting with Tambry, continuing from their relationship in the previous episode. In " The Stanchurian Candidate ," he is at the grocery store with his arm around Tambry standing behind Stan when he is buying light bulbs. He is also seen at the town meeting to discuss the new mayor.

In " Dipper and Mabel vs. Though Robbie almost escaped, he had to pause to take a selfie and ended up getting petrified. He falls from the chair, along with many other characters, including Lazy Susan and Tad Strange. After that, he is revealed to be one of the people on the Zodiac.

When Wendy pushes him on, she claims he's been wearing his hoodie since seventh grade, which Robbie then proclaims to be a "destiny hoodie.

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In terms of personality, Robbie is a stereotypical moody teenager, laid back, cold and apathetic. His careless attitude makes him negligent of others' needs, thoughts, opinions, etc. Robbie has shaggy black hair in a typical eye-covering "emo style" hairdo, pale skin and several piercings in his ears.

He usually wears tight skinny jeans with a keychain attached to the pocket, and a light black hoodie with a picture of a red bleeding heart with stitches on it--which in fact can be purchased at the Edgy On Purpose clothing store, along with black fingerless gloves. This hoodie eventually becomes what distincts him on the Bill Cipher Zodiac, Robbie later calls it the "Destiny Hoodie.


He has black flat shoes with white bottoms. He has a sparse stubble two strands of small hairs on his chin, and a few pimples scattered around his face. Like some other characters on the show, he has a light pink nose, which is longer than most. Since the first time Robbie met Dipper, he has been condescending and arrogant around his younger counterpart, making fun of virtually every trait about him and everything he does.

However, when Dipper oversaw Wendy's near breakup with Robbie and him seemingly charming her, he intervenes, believing he used underhanded tactics.

He ended up revealing Robbie's foul play and Wendy breaks up with him. However, since Tambry is currently dating Robbie and that they both no longer have any competition, it seems Dipper and Robbie are no longer enemies and may have the chance to become friends. Robbie attended Dipper and Mabel's 13th birthday party, chanting "One of us! Robbie and Mabel lack a formal rivalry but nonetheless are enemies. Observing the teenager's snobby attitude, she sees him as a jerk, being an object of ridicule herself on occasion.


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Since Mabel gets entangled in her brother's love life, she has been known to sabotage Robbie to help Dipper in his quest to win Wendy's love, [9] although she becomes less concerned with this over time. Surprisingly, Robbie kindly thanks Mabel for trying to make him and Tambry work and that he has "weirdly" found happiness. Mabel has earned a sudden friendship with Robbie and for that, decides to not make them hate each other again, thus rendering Robbie a changed man.

Wendy and Robbie first met at a birthday party when they were in 5th-grade, where Robbie pulled her pigtails and Wendy punched him in the face, chipping his tooth. While Robbie remembers, Wendy managed to forget. Robbie enjoys venturing off to spend time with his rowdy friends, particularly bonding in miscellaneous antics with his fellow males. Their visits to one another are frequent, and their activities are not always in compliance with the rules.

Greg and Janice Valentino Robbie's parents deeply care for Robbie, he prefers to distance himself from them due to their overly optimistic temperaments, which he believes to be an odd trait for people constantly dealing with death funerals. They seem to baby their son, as evidenced by the face drawn on his spaghetti, and are oblivious to his gloomy personality.

They're shrinking! I made that up.

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