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Mrs Janet Benney kindly made this letter available. However, the Centre did devise Silver Dip, a liquid that removed tarnish simply by immersing a piece of silver in it or applying to the surface with a brush with larger pieces. Although the effectiveness of the Centre declined from , it continued to exist until the s being funded by the royalties it obtained from its success with Silver Dip. In the Company gave full support to Graham Hughes to pursue its design initiative.

Another speaker that evening was the jeweller Wendy Ramshaw. I often thought — I wish they had been my words. The dynamic force behind the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. I was so anxious I failed to keep our appointment. I telephoned to apologise and he asked me what led to my non appearance. I was a truly penniless unknown maker but on that wonderful day he purchased three pieces of my work for the collection, in an unexpected moment I had found a friend who would support me throughout my whole career I know my life has been enhanced for knowing Graham Hughes.

He was a charming and brilliant man — a maverick who loved the arts and artists. We are lucky to have known him and had him fight our cause so many times in his life. He was a man who cared very deeply about creativity in both his public and his private life. This evening we celebrate him and the wonderful legacy he has left with us. He got to know the students, talked to them about their projects, looked at their designs and watched them working at the bench.

In other words, he was on the lookout for talent. Birmingham, There are numerous Cheltenham Festivals embracing music, literature, jazz and the like. However, the name was originally given to the National Hunt Meeting that took place each March at the Cheltenham Racecourse.

The prize money is second only to the Grand National. The Meeting is unusual as the best British and Irish trained horses race against each other.

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I often recommended Eric who had learned the maturity and stability of character to make a convincing impression on our often aged and eminent intending patrons. So as to spread his net more widely, Graham organised an ambitious programme of exhibitions. A dozen were held each year and at one a month this was certainly a challenge.

Its promotional space was then considered one of the best places in the capital for exhibitions. During the s it showcased modern ceramics as part of its drive to promote the drinking of tea. The centre in conjunction with the Company held a design competition open to a small number of young designers who were paid for their submissions. Naturally the competition was for a tea service.

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The complete process was filmed to illustrate a talk by the Company. The service. In it launched Design magazine to inform professional designers, business managers and buyers as well as educators. In , so as to feed the growing public interest in design, it opened its Design Centre in Haymarket. The main contributor was Eric Clements. The exhibition then moved on to be shown in other UK cities.

The service was sold, but the location of it is now unknown. According to Graham, the most successful London exhibition of the s had been staged at the Royal Festival Hall earlier in The following year, the Company undertook its first marketing co-operative with retailers. The air of great expectation that preceeded the. They did not. The retailers were unenthusiastic about the fresh designs which I so much admired, and the conservative public of Cheltenham quickly penetrated behind our glittering and austere shelves, into the dim shops behind.

The salutary lessons for me were that modern design does not automatically sell better than traditional imitations of old work, and that timid shopkeepers prefer to sell pieces which they have paid for and bought for their stock, in preference to exhibits lent for special displays. The worst message from Cheltenham was that public taste is not the same thing as aesthetic distinction. However, it was not just the Company that was giving exposure to modern silver.

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This scheme was based on selecting the best The number of products chosen for an award varied annually, as did the panel of judges who were selected from members of the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry. Following the publication by the Company of a small booklet featuring photographs of modern silver in , it was decided to produce a larger and more comprehensive version in This featured 74 pieces by 23 makers. The main contributors were:. The remaining 19 makers contributed up to three pieces each, with 12 contributing just one item. Of the 74 items shown, seven were ecclesiastical and 14 ceremonial i.

The introduction made reference to two common misapprehensions.

The first related to cost. It is, in fact, comparable to that between tailor-made and ready-made clothing. Compared with cigarettes, television sets and motor cars, silver is not frighteningly expensive. As the s began to draw to a close, Graham Hughes gave some thought to the progress made in the world of modern silver. The result was a series of three articles in that appeared in The Studio, a leading art magazine at the time which is now incorporated into the on-line journal Studio International.

These covered domestic, ceremonial and ecclesiastical silver. In the first, which appeared in January and covered silver for the home, he made the point that there were very few modern designed objects in retail shops, but reproduction and out-of-date machine made pieces as well as the antique were avilable in abundance.

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By this time, purchase tax had been reduced and he noted that this, together with a perceived swing in public taste towards the modern would help. Young designers today are producing work of superb quality. It has not yet gained the recognition it deserves, despite many useful exhibitions held by the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths and others. Hughes then went on to discuss students. They mostly fail to find them and end up teaching and working in a small way on their own.

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The wastage of talent is terrible. The quality of work they can produce is astonishingly high, the quantity they are enabled to produce by the present level of public demand appallingly low. Indeed, the quantity of hand-. A designer is very clever or lucky if he gets commissions for more than two dozen pieces in a year, and there are perhaps only three dozen designers whose work could really be called modern.

There is an inspiring revolution going on in the craft but as yet is has not made a big impression on the industry as a whole. The best work is almost always specially commissioned, not made for stock; so it is seen only in driblets and people cannot continue to think of British silversmithing as dying if not dead.


The Silversmith Chronicles: Episode Three

Although he had taken knocks during his first decade at the Company, his enthusiasm for his mission remained intact. It was part of the British Exhibition which showcased the best of what Britain had to offer.

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In the Company commissioned five experimental pieces of silver from five designer-craftsmen including Louis Osman and Gerald Benney. Gerald made a portable altar set featuring textured silver bars against a background of Thai silk. It incorporated a cross and a pair of candlesticks. It was displayed with a silver chalice the Company had bought from him a year earlier. The exhibition toured North America during — It included a display of of the best British contemporary designs selected by the CoID embracing the home, travel, sports and gourmet food, everything from antiques to contemporary craftmanship.

Among the images the newspaper chose to illustrate of the latter exhibit was a figure of Christ by Sir Joseph Epstein, bronze bas reliefs by Elizabeth Frink, a tapestry by Graham Sutherland and the silver chalice. The paper concluded that the American public would be astounded by the quality of the new design. Other overseas exhibitions in which the Company participated during the s were held in Australia, South Africa, Japan and countries within continental Europe.

Modern British silver was finding a wider audience than purely Britain. However, this did not mean that sales were booming. The British Exhibition in Tokyo during saw 75 pieces of modern silver and 95 pieces of jewellery being displayed. Whereas the foundation for new silver design was laid in Britain during the s, it was the s when it began to blossom. There is no doubting that the silversmiths who trained in the s were influenced to a greater or lesser degree by the material emanating from Scandinavia.

The period in Britain from —20 i. Badly damaged by bombing in World War II, though re-opened in the s, it was not restored to its original glory until the s. Scandinavian influence. This is best seen by the series of table centrepieces that began in These generally featured openwork abstract covers though stylised insects are also noted. The first signs of something radically different appeared in in the form of a chalice bought by the Company and exhibited in the British Artist Craftsmen exhibition in North America.

It was a very sculptural piece with a tapering stem featuring an oval knop with a whole through it reminiscent of the work of the British sculptors Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.

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However, this is not the only interesting aspect of the piece. Its stem has been finely engraved by hand to give it a textured surface. Gerald Benney told the story that he and his wife Janet had lunch with Stuart Devlin and his wife in Sydney towards the end of the first half of the s. Asked whether business was good in London, Gerald replied positively with enthusiasm.