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Track Listing. Main Title. Ray Colcord.

Xena: Warrior Princess, Vol. 2

Joseph LoDuca. At Mother's Tomb. Xena Kicks Bacchae Butt. Pop Goes Xena. Joe LaDuca. Sword Play. Capoiera Fight. Many Winters Ago. You Really Believe That. To the Rescue. Fighting Destiny. Talk With Solan. Her husband Odaenathus was ruler of Palmyra, under Rome. Odaenathus reclaimed the eastern provinces of his empire when they fell to the Persians, and earned himself the title King of Kings. When he was assassinated along with their eldest son, Zenobia took over as regent and also took to expanding the empire even further. She gave her baby son the title Augustus, and to herself she gave the title Augusta.

Zenobia had a skilled army and soon she was not just protecting her land, but invading others. In , she conquered Egypt. She then took massive swaths of Anatolia, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. She took important trade routes, and issues coins with her own face on them.

What's New in Xena: Warrior Princess

At this time, the Roman Emperor Aurelian was campaigning in the Gallic Empire, but figured he should probably head east and deal with the warrior queen. But as to her death, there are several versions, including some where she lives out a long life. An Apache warrior and prophetess, Lozen was the sister of the great chief Victorio, living in Arizona in the mid 19th century. Early on, Lozen enjoyed learning the skills of a warrior, and soon the art of war itself. She was never interested in the traditional roles for Apache women, and fought alongside her brother, who called her his right hand, and a shield to their people.

Lozen was not only a fighter, but a well known medicine woman.

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She had an extensive knowledge of healing medicine, and was known to be able to divine crucial information about their enemies from her ceremonial rituals. Lozen also fought alongside of the famous Apache warrior Geronimo. She never married but was very close to another Apache woman named Dahteste, who was quite different from herself.

Still Dahteste was as good a rider as Lozen, and the are so often mentioned together that they have obtained an iconic status in the Native American two-spirit community. The Abbey of the Holy Cross at Poitiers was not the nicest place, and the cousins seem to have chafed under the thumb of the abbess when they themselves were royal blood.

But amazingly, in , Chlothild and Basina led a rebellion against the Abbess. Even more amazingly, they gathered an army - reputedly of thugs and criminals - to help them do it. Basina sought peace at this point, but Chlothild was still ready for a fight. The ruckus they made caused the cousins to be excommunicated.

Later, however, they were pardoned by King Childebert, who had once tried to quell them. A list of mostly warrior princesses would not be complete without a viking. Aud the Deep Minded lived out a viking odyssey all her own. Aud was born in Norway and sailed as a child with her family to the Hebrides as her father Ketill Flatnose styled himself a King of the Isles there.

Together they had a son named Thorstein the Red, who tried to conquer Scotland. There is no real record of his death. Sa Wad Dee Thailand. February 14, Where in the World? A Conversation with Paul and Nancy R.

THE BRAVE WARRIOR PRINCESS AND THE LOVE OF HER LIFE 2 - 2018 Latest Nigerian Movies, African Movies

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